Anisa and The Magic Box

This is a story of a girl named Annisa who was playing in the jungle to pick flowers for her mother.

In the way home, she accidentally found a box, then she opened it and something came out from the box, something that Annisa actually likes.

But this thing asked something that Annisa could not fulfill.

Do you want to know what is actually coming out from the box?

What this thing can do that can make Annisa happy?

and Why Annisa feels hard to follow what thing wants?

Listen the story here:

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The Seed of Peace

This is a story of a furious king who was questioning about peace. He did not have the idea about what peace was?

He looked for the answer of his question everywhere, unfortunately he did not find it, till someday he decided to visit the wise man. He was given a seed by the wise man. However, he did something wrong to the seed.

Can you guys guess what the king do to the seeds?

Do you want to know what goes wrong?

Listen the story here:

The Seed of Peace

The Race of Momo and Ciko

This is a story about a cat (Momo) and a dog (Ciko) who are claiming themselves as the fastest animal in the jungle.

One day, Pak Gajah decided to hold a race to get to know who is the fastest animal in between Momo and Ciko.

But, unfortunately one of them wanted to cheat.

Can you guess who is the cheating one?

Do you want to know who is actually the fastest animal?


Let’s hear the story here:

 The Race of Ciko and Momo

Issun-bōshi, The Brave Boy from Japan

Hello friends..
This is the 7th episode from Rumata Art Space and Rumah Dongeng (

This is a folklore from Japan. The tale of Issun Boshi begins with a farmer and his wife, a kind-hearted couple who has worked hard for years to have a child.

Then, the God gave them a baby boy that they named Issun-bōshi.
Do you know what is the meaning of Issun-bōshi?

Do you want to know what happens to him? How Issun-bōshi deal with his problem?

Please listen the story here :

Issun-bōshi, The Brave Boy